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Team development


Sikkhona ® is a model that explains the different stages that teams go through, (some very productive, others dangerously destructive), diagnoses in which stage a certain team is, and offers specific actions to be carried out in order to gain cohesion and trust. It is, therefore, a complete program that includes a conceptual model, an objective diagnostic, a visual tool, and a set of exercises to develop and improve relationships within teams.


Sikkhona ® is a program designed to create those communication spaces that each team needs.


A powerful tool for team development

Sikkhona Team Assessment ®

Team Relational health Diagnostic

Is it for us?

Sikkhona ® is designed for any group or team who wants to gain awareness of its level of trust and internal cohesion, and aims to work as a team.


In this context, we consider a "team" a group of 2 or more people with a common purpose. This is why Sikkhona ® is suitable for professional teams, partners, management teams, sports teams, and even families or couples.

How does it work?

The work with Sikkhona ® begins with the Sikkhona Team Assessment ® diagnosis, through which the team members provide their vision of the team's level of cohesion and trust. Based on this information, work sessions are scheduled using the dynamics that the team needs according to the diagnosis, proposed by the model itself.

Companies that perform have a common trait: teams that perform


Sikkhona Team Asessment ® diagnosis allows to measure objectively how the team is in that particular momment in order to take action effectively

Sikkhona Team Assessment ® report

In addition to the team map, it provides a ranking of effective behaviors and derailing behaviors that challenge team's good performance. The tool also allows a new Sikkhona Team Assessment ® diagnosis to be made after a period of time, which will measure the real evolution that the team has had during this period.

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In which contexts?

Sikkhona ® can be used in many different contexts:


  • General team coaching sessions.

  • Leadership coaching sessions for managers.

  • Project initiation sessions, with teams that have been created at that time and for that purpose.

  • Team Building sessions or sessions to promote cohesion and trust of management teams, partners or professional groups.

  • Intervention in family groups or couples.

What is achieved?

Sikkhona ® facilitates teams:


  • A model to understand the evolution and development as a team.

  • Awareness of the stage they are as a team.

  • Opportunity to open the conversations the team needs.

  • Tools to solve conflicts or complex conversations.

  • A safe space to share agreements and disagreements.

  • Clear clues to act from the leadership of the team and as members of it.

The book

How much do we know about others? How much do we explain about ourselves? Why do we say yes when we want to say no? Why do people who have proven good communication skills, in the context of a certain group relationship, perform poorly?

We all talk about being a team ... but very few really are.


Let's Talk -   With the vision set on achieving higher performance, this book explains the path that teams, groups, families or couples follow in their journey towards complicity.

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