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We, Alex and Ferran, were trained in the 80's on people development by our first teacher Oriol Pujol Borotau. Since then, we have created this project: Instituto de Comunicación and, at the same time, each of us has followed their professional path.


It was in 2009 when we met again (after 25 years and two parallel professional careers) and decided to join our efforts (Alex: leadership and coaching; Ferran: communication skills) to create Instituto de Comunicación (Communication Institute).


At that moment we acquired a clear commitment: to investigate about interpersonal communication and team performance, and to be able to develop models that were helpful in these areas.


After years of intense work, all the effort made crystallized in the Bridge and Sikkhona models.


And since 2017 the team has grown. We have Ariadna in the Coordination, and in 2022, Raimon has joined as a partner, in addition to our new team of Associates who develop the project in different areas and countries. This team grows day by day and is entirely at your service, if you have the same passion we have #passionfor people, and share our goal: to train and develop people.


Alex Galofre

Founding Partner

"Authentic leadership requires knowing ourselves thoroughly, so that our words and actions speak for themselves"

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Ferran Ramon-Cortes

Founding Partner

"We communicate what we feel, nothing more than what we feel, and what we feel cannot be hidden"

My specialty is Leadership and Coaching. I am a founding member of The Coaches Leadership and Coaching. I have worked as a coach and trainer with more than 30,000 people from more than 45 countries on all continents, and I have done more than 5,000 hours of coaching.

My field of work is personal communication skills. I am the founder of the Institut 5 Fars dedicated to the training of communication skills. I have done more than 1,500 workshops totaling 9,550 hours of training.


Raimon Albiol

Partner and CEO

"I am optimistic and I am excited about the future and it makes me happy to contribute to building it by coaching and energizing people and their teams."

I am a coach and mentor. I have spent more than 30 years leading international projects and promoting the growth and transformation of teams, and more than 15 years inspiring and accompanying entrepreneurs in overcoming their challenges.




Ariadna Ruiz

"I work with and for people"

I am a teacher and pedagogue by training, and I coordinate the activities of the Institute. I collaborate in the development of the tools, of the academic plans and I make the training happen and work. I am your contact.


Our Associates are professionals from the world of people and team development, and they know our Bridge® and Sikkhona® models in depth. The associates lead the expansion of our Bridge® and Sikkhona® models in the different geographical areas and represent the Institute of Communication.


Raquel Blazquez

"We promote leadership to build a better world "

Ramon Cristobalena

"Don't ask yourself if it can be done or not, ask yourself how it can be done"

Nuria Martin

"I am passionate about organizational development IN POSITIVE"

We accompany leaders to create teams that work, connecting culture and strategy to achieve outstanding and sustainable results.

I work with organizations and teams helping them to be more aware to create an environment of understanding where better decisions are made.

Telecommunications Engineer with a humanistic profile, I am specialized in sales, leadership and team development and communication pragmatics. I am the published author of the book “Venta Positiva”.

noelia y silvia.jpg

Noelia Rodríguez y Silvia García

"Descubrimos los diamantes que se hallan escondidos en rocas de carbón"

Somos un atelier de diamantistas especializadas en generar los espacios de comunicación y salud relacional que las personas y organizaciones necesitan desde un Management 3.0, rompiendo moldes, siendo siempre Algo Para Recordar.


Sandra Ribote

“Focusing on what

really matters"

I am a professional, bilingual Spanish-German, with more than 14 years of experience in multinationals. In my professional development, the passion for people and human relationships has led me to the world of coaching and training.


Francesca Nogales

"Broadening the vision, advancing with people and teams"

Sociologist by training, I exercise my profession as a consultant, trainer and team coach from the framework of organizational development. 

20 years generating spaces for reflection and action in companies and teams for change and continuous improvement

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