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Relational styles


Bridge ® is a psychometric tool that enables the discovery of the relational style of people. We are all different, we have our way of expressing ourselves, and we like -or we connect to- a certain communication.

Bridge explores the different relational styles in a simple and intuitive way in order to facilitate interpersonal relationships.

Las personas en las que predomina el estilo FUEGO son apasionadas, francas y valientes, y les gusta el reto y la confrontación. Necesitan titulares claros, ir al grano, y saberlo todo. No les gusta la indecisión y la falta de acción.


This allows an intuitive use, easy to remember, and applicable in any context.

Bridge uses the 4 elements of nature which symbolically represent each style.

Las personas de estilo TIERRA son pragmáticas, realistas y les gusta vivir con los pies firmes en el suelo. Necesitan entender las cosas, tener toda la información, los datos precisos y no les gusta que les vendan 'humo'.



Las personas de estilo AGUA son empáticas, compasivas, y tienen una alta sensibilidad. Necesitan conexión personal, historias y ejemplos, y son especialmente sensibles a las formas. Les molesta la agresividad y la presión.

Las personas de estilo AIRE son entusiastas, sociables, curiosas y expresivas. Necesitan una comunicación estimulante, visual y les conectan las metáforas. No les gustan los procedimientos o protocolos

y la poca expresividad.


Is it for me?

Bridge ® is designed for anyone who wants to discover her/his relational style, and learn the way to better understand and connect with the people with whom she/he relates.


It is also designed so that within any team, people understand each other better and interact better, and so that professionals from any field (sales, medical manager, etc.) can communicate and interact more effectively with their stakeholders.

How does it work?

Working with Bridge ® begins with the individual report, in which each person discovers her/his main style and the percentage her/she has of each relational style. Based on this information, a session is held, either individually or in a group, to work on how to communicate effectively from each style and with all styles.

Building bridges


The Bridge ® report helps people and teams to interact better, be more efficient and have a positive impact on their leadership.

The report

Shows the position of a person on the styles map and the percentage she/he has of each particular style.


In which contexts?

Bridge ® can be used in many different contexts:


  • Individual coaching sessions

  • Group training sessions

  • Module of a managerial development program


And in many different fields or domains (business, medical, sports, and all kinds of organizations and institutions).

What is achieved?

A working session with Bridge ® enables participants to:


  • Gain self-awareness, and discover their personal styles

  • Understand the impact they have on others

  • Strengths and Areas of development of their personal styles 

  • Discover strategic key communication clues to connect with others

  • Practice with hints for many communicative needs, such as:

    • Motivating others

    • Influencing and presuading others

    • Conflict management

    • Giving instructions

    • Providing and receiving feedback

    • Giving bad news

    • Stress management

    • Personal energy management

The book

A tool to get to know others better, adjust our relationship with them in order to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.


People have different styles, and this makes us receive communication in a different way. Adapting our communication to the style of the person we are addressing to allows us to better understand each other.


In order to achieve a positive relationship between different styles, we need to build bridges of understanding and acceptance.

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