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Team Relational Health Diagnostic


What is it?

A report that measures the relational health of teams (degree of trust and cohesion) and diagnoses their situation objectively from their member's point of view, at a precise moment and context.


Sikkhona Team Assessment report also details effective team behaviours, as well as their derailments, identifying team's main strengths and potential areas for improvement.

It is also possible to carry out a new Sikkhona Team Assessment after a certain time, which will measure the real evolution that the team has had during this period.


Sikkhona Team Assessment report is obtained from a short online questionnaire that each team member answers based on their individual perception.

Why doing a Sikkhona Team Assessment?

The engine of companies is their team, and to have the best results will require their teams being high performance teams.

Sikkhona Team Assessment  report provides an x-ray of the team development stage in a precise moment and context, to be clear about the team starting point and to be able to propose rigorous team work that will foster team development towards excellence.

Sikkhona Team Assessment is suitable for professional teams of any size, partners, management teams, sales teams, foundations, NGOs, sports teams, and even families or couples.

Sikkhona Team Assessment has been used by more than 400 organizations from more than 20 countries helping significantly in the development of their teams.


What do they say about Sikkhona Team Assessment?

Rosa Moreno and Miguel Giribet

they tell us their experiences with Sikkhona Team Assessment.